Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another million dollars I'm just giving away

The BathTop - a laptop you can bring in the bathtub. It comes in very momblogging-friendly colors and with momblogging-friendly quick keys. It's perfect for the mom who left her demanding 10-hour-a-day corporate job so she could live a life of leisure at home, caring for her 1-3 toddlers, maintaining three blogs - plus a packed flickr account, shopping for the best prices on Nikon lenses, knitting kooky sweaters for all her internet friends' kids, designing T-shirts, searching for a literary agent, courting book deals, landing book deals, starting a home business, growing organic produce, thrifting, getting drunk at rock shows, going to blogger cons, speaking at blogger cons, watching TV, running marathons, getting a master's degree and contemplating getting pregnant again. Bathtime is the only time she has to post to flickr. The BathTop comes with a washcloth that says, "I'm Blogging This." Of course, mere weeks before the BathTop is released to the public, Apple will come out with the iTub, which does all the same things and is only the size of your wedding ring - the one you got, not the one you wanted.


Anonymous peripateticpolarbear said...

oh my gosh, BB, I love your posts!

8:00 PM  

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