Friday, April 07, 2006

Me, too, sweetie

In Buttercup's vocabulary, "too much" is one word. Toomuch. She has a habit, for example, of eating half a banana without swallowing even the teeniest bit of it. When she realizes that her life may be in danger, she spits the banana out and annoucnes, "I had toomuch." She understands that toomuch can lead to trouble. If you have to go to the potty because you have toomuch, it's important to heed that call right away. Or at least sometime within the hour. When it comes to gummi worms, toomuch has serious intestinal ramifications. Balance in all things is optimal. She understands this. Therefore, I know that I am in trouble when, during a recent bath, I reached to turn off the water, and she intercepted my hand with calm authority, looked me in the eye and explained, "I WANT toomuch." So do I, my darling. So do I. IN WHICH BUTTERCUP PLAYS WITH HER COUSINS One of Buttercup's favorite things about her "Brand New House," (aside from the bedroom with pink, striped walls) is the opportunity to play with her cousins. There are the twins, handsome young men of 7 who are at once identical and utterly different. And then there is 3-year-old Jehosaphat, who has become Buttercup's partner in toddler crime. Just three days ago, they managed to extort some 20 jellybeans just by asking the right people at the right times. During a spat (jellybean-related) Buttercup scolded her cousin that he was "a bad Jehosaphat." "Unh-uh," he told her in his husky voice that promises to take on Rick Astley proportions once he reaches adulthood. "My mom says I'm a honeybunch." The defense rests. Jehosaphat's mother is expecting another baby. With three boys in her house, she would not be unhappy to have a baby girl, and she seems to have been paying special attention to Buttercup and holding her at every opportunity. I think she is hoping that my daughter's girlishness will somehow inform and influence the baby in her tummy. I hope this doesn't backfire.


Blogger Moreena said...

Glad you're back. I haven't been checking every few hours, I admit, but I have been checking.

Lovely views, lovely to have family close by.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous peripateticpolarbear said...

What fun.

8:39 PM  

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