Thursday, February 16, 2006

I don't like Monday socks

Buttercup received for Christmas a pack of Barbie socks with the days of the week knitted into the cuffs. Although she cannot read, or even recognize letters yet, she correctly identified in her drawer the socks intended for Monday, and told me she wanted to wear them to bed. I grabbed them from the drawer, and got ready to slip them onto her feet when she changed her mind. "I don't like Monday socks," she said. "That's a long way to go for a Boomtown Rats referrence," I told her. "Comedy is all about economy." When will she learn? TENTH AVENUE FREAK OUT I haven't posted much in the past couple weeks (I say this like it is an alarming change in my behavior). Every time I sat down to write something, I invariably checked what was up with Moreena and just couldn't bring myself to inflict upon the world my flimsy ramblings. But, as updates are in order, I decided to buckle down this morning. We are now officially the owners of a huge amount of debt that represents a home and 15 acres in upstate New York. I've been interviewing movers and getting estimates and calling utility companies and generally freaking the fuck out because, holy shit, we're MOVING ACROSS THE COUNTRY in just three weeks. And my house? IS NOT REMOTELY READY. MY BRAIN IS WORKING ON ALL CAPS THESE DAYS, AND I WAKE UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WONDERING IF I'VE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING VITAL, SUCH AS GETTING HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE OR DECIDING WHETHER OR NOT TO BRING MY CATS TO NEW YORK. On one hand, they're terrible animals who are not really fit for indoor living. On the other hand. we've been told that mice come into the house in the autumn. No I want mice or cat urine in the house? It's a tough call. If I write the list of things I must accomplish before our departure, your head would explode and all the goopy bits of blood and bone and brain would get stuck in your keyboard. Trust me - I'm going through, like, seven keyboards a week over here. I need adult supervision to get through this.


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