Tuesday, December 06, 2005

So, what's that near?

The offer we made on the NY house was accepted, so now we are crossing fingers that everything runs smoothly through closing, which will be on Valentine's Day. I know - that's the most adorable part. We will move in March. Don't spread it around, though. We haven't yet broken the news to my in-laws, who are bound to be disappointed. Maybe not surprised, but definitely disappointed. Meanwhile, we are wringing our every last drop of pleasure from what may be our last Christmas in Florida. Over the weekend, we drove about an hour to attend a country Christmas festival, complete with fake snow. Actually, there were two varieties of fake snow - the space-age polymer snow that blew through the air, and the sno-cone-type ice that was spread on the ground in two different, age-appropriate spots. What. A. Bad. Idea. Children and adults alike gathered on the slippery ice and hurled great chunks of it at each other's spines, eyes and groins. It was a holiday bloodbath. Meanwhile, a guy on a tractor was giving Christmas hayrides around the park while a band in the white, holly-bedecked pavilion played some religious Christmas favorites such as, "Don't Let Foreigners Kill Baby Jesus" and "God Can Only Love Me if He Hates You." Have I mentioned that our new home will be above the Mason-Dixon Line?


Blogger Colleen said...

I decided to stop in for a vist after visitng my friend Sarah's blog for her daughters. I live in Pennsylvania that is above the mason dixon line also. My boyfriend lives in NY so that is close to me even tho we are in different states. You will find other than the winters it really isnt so bad up here. Snow is predicted for tomorrow night up to 8 inches.

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