Wednesday, August 17, 2005


If you check the comments from my previous post, you'll find that my very dear friend margretbw60wztheobold sent me "Hot News From The Automotive Lending Industry!!" Spammers? On my blog?? Surely not. Don't you all have close friends who send you feverish emails demanding that you PLEASE HER TONIGHT or GET QQQUALITY TABLETTS AT BARGAIN PRICES? My good friends all want me to INCREASE (MY) THICKNESS and Re: RONA? It's a burden to be this popular. My very favorite spam subject ever sent to any of my email addresses read: Is Rolex Who?? Is Rolex YOU!!! FINGER LAKES AND LEATHERSTOCKINGS So, yes, I was away from my blog for a bit. First there was the New York vacation, then the storm, then the seemingly unending march of little things that steal your weeks. Mostly, I have been distracted by my deep desire to leave this city. I have been wandering online in search of jobs and real estate. I've been reminding myself that the right things will come at the right time. Meanwhile I have been in training on church management software, and it has been kicking my ever-widening church secretary ass. Thank you, thank you, thank you God, that I have to perform ONLY the membership modules and not deal with the accounting and bookkeeping portion. Amen. All the accounting stuff is interesting, though. It's like learning a language I will never use in real life. Ever.


Blogger Moreena said...

Your parties must be a blast! margretbw60wztheobold sure does have a lot to say, though.

I currently am in love with a different house in my own town and can't stop driving by at every chance like a teen with a crush passing the desired's locker every 5 minutes for a "chance" encounter. So I can only imagine how time-consuming it must be checking out the real estate of the entire rest of the country. Did you see the Atlantic Monthly this month? They had a map of the world showing the most disaster prone places in the world, and I thought of you right away. Surprisingly, Florida didn't actually look all that bad on the map, except for one little red spot (where you live?), so maybe it had very flawed information.

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Farmgrrrl said...

Why you keep on tryin' to go and leave me, woman? Yes, our little town is hot and dirty and disaster-prone, but then, so am I, and you don't want to leave ME, right?
Misery loves company, etc. etc.?
Just done r-u-n-n-o-f-t already!
When I'm driven mad with sorrow and go wandering on the moors with not a tuppence to my name....THEN you'll be sorry! Mmmhmm. You just marinate on that.

9:16 AM  
Blogger Bettie Bookish said...

Farmgrrl, you know I'd take you with me. We'll hang out a shingle on Main Street: Witticisms, $10 each/ $300 for half an hour's conversation.

We'll be millionaires. And all the top celebrities will flock to our front door, and we'll have to hire beefy body guards and accountants and personal assistants, and we'll message each other on our Blackberries...

Or something like that.

8:56 PM  

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