Wednesday, July 20, 2005

She lives

What was intended to be a week in Upstate New York visiting extended fam ily turned into two weeks thanks to two storms - Cindy and Dennis. I watched the second one on CNN wondering whether the wind that as blowing Anderson Cooper off his feet also was blowing my POD off my driveway and scattering all my possessions across the neighborhood. It wasn't. My house is fine. My mother's house is mostly fine, except for the large fallen oak that now fills the backyard. Photos will follow. What isn't fine is my already fragile psyche. The day after we got home, we drove around town and I realized that I couldn't always identify whether damage came from Dennis or from Ivan almost a year ago. Broken signs, uninhabitable houses, pile after pile after pile of debris. It's all too much. With everything else that life hands a gal, I don't know if I can handle hurricanes, too.


Blogger Moreena said...

Thank goodness you're back.

I have to say that I just don't completely understand how people manage to live in hurricane zones...or earthquake zones. They just seem so huge. People always point to the tornadoes here in the midwest, but come on. They don't evacuate millions of people because of *tornadoes.* Plus, you can always wait out the storm in the basement and count on the odds being that your house will actually suffer zero damage. That everyday stress of impending doom. It would wear on me, too.

On the other hand, we have crappity crap hot summers and crappity crap cold winters and no beaches and no hills and no mountains and I'm sure people in more attractive locations are saying, "Gee. I have no idea how those poor fools in the midwest struggle through unpleasant weather and boring scenery to boot." So there you go.

Anyway, glad you're back and your belongings are still on your driveway where they belong (so sorry). I hope you're settled soon and hurricane season stops being so dramatic. And frequent.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Marie said...

Okay, yeah, what moreena said. Although I certainly never actually intended to live in the midwest and she reminds me of why. I've never understood how people's psyche's survive such things. I think you must be incredibly brave and resilient. Hang in there.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Ekho said...

Glad to see you're back safe and sound. I live in Pensacola also, and my family and I rode out Dennis in a motel a few minutes from our townhouse. Despite the awful images, Dennis really wasn't nearly as frightening as Ivan was, though it's still not something I like to see repeated in the next century or so.
I originally moved here from Ohio, and to me, the attraction of fairer temperatures year 'round, even with the possibility of hurricanes, wins out over year after year of 4+ months of frozen, slippery, dreary gray/white landscape.
Wishing you the best of luck on the remaining renovations, and heres hoping the remainder of hurricane season '05 is quiet and uneventful! SALOO!

1:16 PM  

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