Friday, June 10, 2005

It's headed straight for us

Not again. Seriously, I'm tired of this. I'm ready to move someplace that is free of natural disasters. Unless that place is too cold or too hot or too expensive. I'm ready to move someplace cheap, temperate and free of natural disasters. Currently, almost all of our possessions are in a portable storage unit in our front yard. I can only hope that those storage units are built to withstand tropical storm-force winds. And speaking of tropical, my son is somewhere in this vicinity. But has he called, even to let us know he got there OK? No. This is where parents just have to assume that no news is good news.


Blogger Moreena said...

Yes, it always took me a few days to get my calls back home made.

Hey, we live in a fairly disaster-free area! Someone also told me that although we live in a state with tornadoes that our particular local topography makes a tornado in our town highly unlikely. Not sure if I believe this or not, but, geez, if I can use it to convince people like you to move here, then I'm using it.

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