Thursday, May 05, 2005

That was yesterday

Yes, I did find the keys. After JC came home, he was able to open the Mommyvan, which we scoured. Twice. And we found my keys underneath some baby paraphernalia next to the middle row of seats. The really wonderful part about this: Neither JC nor I know which of us were the last to have the keys or how they got where they were. My oncologist, Dr. Justakoff, said he will arrange for me to be evaluated for chemobrain. I asked if that would hurt, and he said no - it just entails talking to a psychologist. Clearly, he doesn't know very much about pain. SCHOOL PICTURES AND EXTORTION The fine people at Teddy Bear Pictures know what time it is with parents of preschoolers. A few weeks ago, they came out and took school photos. The photos came back yesterday. Instead of pre-ordering a certain number of photos for a reasonable price, every parent had to go in and select how many pages they wanted to buy. There were 12 possible sheets, three different poses. The more pages you bought, the fewer each page cost. We showed remarkable restraint by not just laying out the $130 (!!!) to buy all of them. We bought not quite half, and will be giving several away for Mother's Day. Buttercup did not smile. My favorite thing, though, is the promotional tote bag with a copy of one of the photos ironed onto the front. I'm trying to find the perfect slogan to iron on the other side.


Blogger PPB said...

do any preschoolers smile for those pictures?
and does that ever stop parents from buying them in large quantity?

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