Friday, May 20, 2005

Horrible perspective

Last night, I was grousing about how hot it has gotten. Last night, we argued with Xerxes about whether to give him $15 to go to a music festival, when he doesn't have a job, hasn't been looking very hard, and already will need several hundred dollars to go on the school trip to Italy, which ALREADY cost $2,500, and wasn't exactly a SURPRISE. Last night Xerxes stomped off in a huff because we don't even recognize his good work and good intention - and by "recognize," he means "give him $15." Last night I lamented that Buttercup is going through a seriously whiny phase. And the thing about whining? It works. Yes, yes, yes - whatever you want, just please stop that whining. Last night JC and I argued with each other about parenting styles and frustrations. Last night I shook my head and said that being the parent of a teen-ager isn't the non-stop ribbon-candy-colored tea party I was promised. Last night, another 16-year-old boy - a friend of Xerxes' and a former student of JC's - died in a Gainesville hospital. Last night, Will ended a six month ordeal that began - as I understand it - with a scrape while surfing, which led to Hepatitis, which, within just a couple weeks, necessitated a liver transplant, which was followed recently by a diagnosis of leukemia. Last night, Will's parents endured something unimaginable - something that sucks the heart right out of your chest just to contemplate. While I argued over money, they said goodbye and started a new life that includes their son as a perpetually 16-year-old memory. This morning, all I want to do is drive to the high school and get my son, drive to the middle school and get my husband and hold on to them. But he's still not going to get that $15.


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I'm so sorry.

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