Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Zuzu poops outside

In the excitement of our temporary relocation, our adorable papillon Zuzu took a dainty little crap on the living room floor. She is a small dog, so her deposits are tiny and catlike. Buttercup witnessed the clean-up and was fascinated by the whole ordeal. Yes, Zuzu pooped on the floor. Zuzu is supposed to poop outside. Yes, our other dog Sassy poops outside. Yes, the cat poops outside. No, Mama doesn't poop outside. Yes, Mama poops in the potty. Yes, Papa does, too. And yes, Xerxes does too. And so on. She listed every person she knows and tried to convince us that each person was in the habit of relieving him- or herself outdoors. And despite serious temptation, we corrected her everytime. See, we really are grown-ups. On a related note, I'm trying to teach her that "Oh, Pioneers!" is an expletive. Where my Willa Cather fans at?


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Blogger What Now? said...

I love the idea of "O Pioneers!" as an expletive and shall begin using it as such forthwith! (which may get a little awkward since I currently have an English major finishing up her senior honors project on Cather, including aforesaid novel, but I'll work through any resulting confusion)

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