Monday, April 25, 2005

Better than non-stop vomiting

My weekend was amazing - the kind of weekend that makes all the trouble of surviving cancer seem worthwhile. On Friday afternoon I called around and invited all my closest friends for supper and cake on Saturday night. These are the same people who sat around my table a year ago, singing Happy Birthday while I ran to the bathroom every 10 minutes to throw up. What's worse, I was holding them hostage. "We can go if you don't feel well..." "NO! Stay. It makes me feel better to have people around," I said as I ran off once again to throw up, leaving them all to stare at each other in my living room. So I wanted to give them a proper celebration. JC let me know that his mother was going to pick up Buttercup, and Xerxes had plans to "hang out" with his friend K---, so we were going to have a grown-up dinner date. We got dressed, Mima came and picked up Buttercup and we got in the car and drove to the nearby yummy Thai buffet. We walked thorugh the front door, and ..... ....ALL MY FRIENDS WERE THERE! That husband of mine arranged a surprise party for me. I have ALWAYS wanted a surpise party. And I've NEVER had one. It was perfect. Other highlights of the weekend: - Yard sale at which we made a whopping $38. - Meeting Xerxes' new friend K--- at my birthday dinner and realizing that she was using a fake English accent. Sometimes! - Tile shopping at the Enthusiastic Seemingly Incestuous Michiganders Tile Emporium (more at another time). - Narrowly escaping a popcorn-textured ceiling in my 1918 bungalow. - Missing church because JC was going to stay home with Buttercup while I went, but he had a dream that the congregation was filled with "vegetarian vampires" (imagine a link here to Morgan Freeman, a'la Electric Company while I imagine that my G5 is out of the shop). So I stayed home with him because he would have missed me just too much. - Cleaning off Mom's screened porch, which was nigh impassable except my small dogs before we started, and then having supper on that porch in the evening. - JC holding "Baby Ten" (Buttercup's name for the Dickersons' daughter) for the first time. - Buying groceries for the first time in a week. - Watching JC, Xerxes and Buttercup sing "Happy Birthday." And it was a very happy birthday, indeed. -


Blogger Moreena said...

Oh, that's good -- vegetarian vampires! I sometimes began to include references to my dreams, but then I step back and see that they are really quite boring. I really need to try to spice up my dream life.

I'm so glad to hear that you had a wonderful birthday this year.

11:05 AM  
Blogger PPB said...

It sounds like a great birthday. I'm a little confused about your mom's porch---are you living at your mom's old house during the renovations, or is your mom's old house your house?

I'm so glad you had a healthy birthday this year.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Marie said...

What a great birthday! Way to go husband! And I can't wait to hear the rest of the Tile Emporium story. Happy birthday!

3:08 AM  

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