Thursday, March 17, 2005

Honk if you love honking

On my dog walk this morning, I passed by a car (it was parked - I'm not some kind of superfast dog walker) with a bumper sticker that said: Get to the Right for Sirens and Lights. Way to take a stand, there, buddy. OUR ST. PATRICK'S DAY GIRL At this moment in a hospital not far away from where I'm sitting in my pantry writing (no, really), our dearest friends The Dickersons are preparing to see their daughter for the first time. Lolita and Sledge checked in three hours and twenty-one minutes ago, and I have my cell phone attached to my person awaiting the call that we can come up and see her. We're all a-flutter. Anastasia and I are going to have a hotdish-baking marathon tonight so that The Dickersons will have something other than Lucky Charms for meals in the next week or so. And now I must run. It's St. Patrick's Day, and I've got plenty of pinching to do.


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