Friday, March 18, 2005

Hello baby!

Yesterday afternoon at 4:51 p.m., not quite 12 hours after her parents checked into the hospital, Baby Girl Dickerson made her appearance in this world. She was 21 inches and 8lb, 15oz of love. Mother and baby were both healthy and happy. Mrs. Dickerson looked beautiful and tired. Mr. Dickerson looked a bit dazed. Big Sister Dickerson was not impressed: I thought it would be more exciting, but she just looked like a head in a blanket, she said. We didn't get to see the baby, except through a small opening in the nursery blinds. She was near the window, and we were able to watch the top of her little head and gasp whenever she moved. Buttercup was especially entranced, and knocked on the glass, calling "Baby!" Then she took off down the hallway looking for a door that would give her access to the baby. We toyed with the idea of letter find one, and then crashing the nursery ourselves with a bunch of, "Oh, sorry, the baby got away from us..."


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