Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Check out my paper-folding ministry - jealous?

After operating without one for some six months, our vestry last week approved hiring a secretary. One one hand, this is good news, since it means that those of us who volunteer will no longer be viewed by the vestry as General Fetch-It Gals. A few weeks ago, I was volunteering on bulletin duty when one vestry member breezed through with comments relating to my doing things that I don't do. No big deal, just an insinuation that it was my duty to fold an extra stack of papers. They weren't mine to fold, I didn't have time to fold them, so I didn't. So the good news is that now the church has a secretary to do things like fold paper. The bad news is that I am that secretary. I'm here to serve. THE FAMILY BUSINESS In the course of looking up family history to find agreeable family names (how can EVERY relative be named Elizabeth, Anne, John and Thomas*), I found a site devoted to research of my paternal grandfather's lineage, and discovered that God is the family business. Of course, I knew that he and one of his brothers were ordained. I didn't know that so were his father, grandfather, and more aunts, uncles, great-grands, etcetera than you can shake a shepherd's crook at. Also, there's a Florence Nightingale in the family, but it's not THE Florence Nightingale. Interesting names I found: Mabel Beatrix, Amada, Medely. Wouldn't Medely be a great name? "Hi, this is Medely..." "Melody?" "No, Medely." "Melanie?" "Medely." "Medley?" "Yeah, sure, Medley, whatever." Other names that have leapt out at me in my research: Miria, Reade, Epperly. *The answer, of course, is that they're not. The Elizabeth-Anne-John-Thomas lines are the best researched. The lines with a bunch of Signes and Axels and Axelinas are not as well documented, and the line with Kuzmans and Zvkas probably never will be known because those records probably went the way of Yugoslavia. And then there are the lines with abrupt dead-ends because no name is known. Ah, family. Oh well, off to my holy origami.


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I spent a year one summer as a church secretary. Great training for being a pastor. Great training in how NOT to irritate the secretary who could slip clever misprints into your bulletin.

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