Wednesday, March 30, 2005

And what if I WANT to live in a dusty, filthy construction zone?

The life of a contractor must be one of never-ending adventure. How else to explain that, after a month of telling me his waiting list was so long that he wouldn't be able to get to my house until May, our contractor, Smoky McGruff, called Monday night to tell us that he could get started this week. This week! Another job fell through, apparently, leaving his guys with some free time on their hands. And since pot doesn't buy itself... Which means we have to move. Like NOW. And we are not ready. At all. Not one teensy bit. We have not been living our lives in any way like people who have to move any time in the next decade. Nor have we been living our lives like people who have to remodel a house any time, EVER. We have sort of glanced in the direction of floor tiles and paint colors and wallpapers. But our decisions number ZERO. In fact, as JC pointed out to me over the weekend, the one thing we THOUGHT we had decided is now up in the air. Can you b elieve that two, count 'em, governments evaluated us and decided we were capable of raising a child? I can't.


Anonymous Kathy Sue said...

Oh Lord, I think I found my lost sister! Your lists are as short as mine, ha, ha, and what ambition we have! I had the same hair cut. Yes, I looked goooooood with no hair and got lots of looks from the Navy guys! I love you girl!

8:03 PM  
Blogger PPB said...

Where has your blog been hiding all my life? I am loving it.

7:42 AM  
Blogger PPB said...

Okay, I"ve now read 2 months of archives (commenting on a bunch of them for no apparent reason other than that I can't believe such amazing things have been sitting out there in cyberspace and half the world hasn't seen them. ) I am forcing myself to stop reading so that I might get a few things done today, but I'll be back. You're hilarious and awesome.

8:05 AM  
Blogger What Now? said...

I just discovered your blog last night, have now read through your archives, and will definitely be a regular reader. Thanks so much for your wit and wisdom. Shall I join in on the "you should definitely write a book" sign?!

6:19 AM  
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