Thursday, February 03, 2005

A sky like corrugated steel

DREARY, DREARY DAYS We are in the midst of a week of cold rain, and I'm feeling it. Last Friday's Game Night -- am event which I organized with great optimism that it would foster togetherness between the people at the church, and also be a way that people could bring friends -- was a TOTAL FLOP. Clearly, I am not called to organize Family Game Nights. I'll check that off the list. SOME GOOD NEWS After taking another gander into my "area," Dr. RipCurl decided that a small area of concern was just a bit of -- yay -- scar tissue. That sounds icky, but the alternative was possible cancer and he had threatened a biopsy. But the biopsy wasn't necessary, and he sent me on my way with instructions to return in four months. Whew! There are some cute Buttercup stories on deck, but they'll have to wait. I'm about to be running late for what promises to be a really lovely day full of more cold rain, some of which is falling into my kitchen through the cracks in the plaster ceiling.


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