Wednesday, February 16, 2005

God, Zilla!

Maeve. Esme. Ava. Mina. Zilla. Rivka. Maisie. Eaven. Emlyn... Weve been reading the baby name books, in part because we are getting very, very close to the birth of our best friends' daughter, who has not yet been named, an in part because thinking about the possibility of our next daughter is much easier than thinking about the NEAR-TOTAL-DESTRUCTION and UTTER DISRUPTION that will be our home repair, which is the next BIG PROJECT around our house. Luckily, it looks like it might not be as extensive as we had thought. But we will still have to move out during the process. I feel like my life is being written by someone who is plagiarizing one of those "How Stressed Are you" questionnaires. How many f the following have you experienced in the past year? _Loss/change of a job _Birth of a child _Major illness or hospitalization _Death of a close loved one _Natural disaster _Move or relocation _Surgery _Chemotherapy _Learning to knit _Teenage child _Teenage child who now has dreadlocks _Helping teenage child install dreadlocks while trying to find a way to ask if he has become a Rastafarian, a devoted pot smoker, or just a dumb white boy with dreadlocks I know it's all stressful, but I'm faring pretty well. Also, I am the only one who likes "Maeve."


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