Sunday, January 23, 2005

The right time

Today we sat in church and listened to the story of Simon Peter et al throwing down their nets and immediately following this drifter Jesus. Honestly, some itinerant preacher comes by and says, "Dude, come with me and I'll make you a fisher of MEN," and they're all like, "We're totally there!" Meanwhile the Rev, Barbara Crafton over at the brilliant says that the fisherment must have been in discernment for a long time, just waiting for the right words from the right preacher. I admire their ability to recognize when the right time occurred. Today, I came home from church with a couple sheets of information about an upcoming Cursillo weekend, and I was all excited about it, when JC said to me, "Do you think this is the right time?" He does not mean, Is this the right time in your spiritual development for you to take this step? He means, "Who's going to watch the baby for a three-day weekend?" It's a more than fair question. And, well, when you put it that way, no this isn't the right time. What followed was the part of the day that made me feel small and petty and bitter, and I came up with several biting responses to whether this was the right time, and I promised my small, bitter self that the n ext time JC had to work on a Saturday or be away from home for any reason other than being On The Clock, I was going to ask, "Is this the right time?" Then I cried a little. Then Buttercup climbed onto the bed with me and jumped on the matress chanting her unintelligible "Jumping Bean" song to the tune of "Jingle Bells," and she kissed me on the head, and I kissed her on the head and the afternoon was saved.


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